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The elephant...
lives in a very tight social unit, led by the all powerful Matriarch.
60.5% of clients claim they have a more balanced life.

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How it Works


“I wish I could...”

What’s the first thing that comes into to your mind in order to complete the question?

Knowing how we want things to be is easy, but we don’t always know how to start making the changes that are required.

A lack of confidence can hold us back, we can feel stuck where we are or it can be as simple as just not having the time or energy. We know something needs to change, but what and how?

We work on a one to one basis with people who are looking for direction, motivation, or guidance in any area of their life. We believe that you are the master of your life, so we work closely with you on a one to one basis to help you identify the changes you’d like to make.

We aim to empower you and give you the right tools, so that YOU can take the appropriate steps to break through change and burst with energy into a more fulfilled life.

Everyone’s life takes twists and turns though usually clients find a mixture of different goals emerge as we work through what it is they really want out of life. Just some of the circumstances we work with are:

• Are you struggling to create the relationship you want with your partner, children or family?
• Do you want to start a new career or business, but lack the confidence or don’t know where to start?
• Do you need to improve your health and fitness, lose weight, strike a better work-life balance, or improve your relationships?

If you want to make sure that the next path is the right path for you, and you want to make sure it all happens smoothly and according to plan, we can help.

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Sally Denn of Red Elephant holds integrity, honesty and quality as her TOP values – find out more about Sally, her ethos and her experience here.

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